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ASSR is an open access journal, aims at rapid publication of concise research papers of a broad interest in Physical education fields. Subject areas include all the current fields of interest represented by the Committees of the Design Scientific Renaissance. ASSR welcomes papers and articles in sport and physical education, fields of ASSR includes but not limited to: sport for all; Exercise physiology; Moths of training and coaching;Sport’s performance and analysis

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Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Technology Research

JACSTR is an open access journal, aims at rapid publication of concise research papers of a broad interest in computer science and information technology fields.

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Journal of Advanced Laser and Optics Research

JALOR aims at rapid publication of concise research papers of a broad interest in laser and optics fields. Subject areas include all the current fields of interest represented by the Committees of the Design Scientific Renaissance. JALOR accepts papers and articles in fields, including but not limited to the following: Actuator; Detectors; Ferroelectric And Ferromagnetic Materials; Filters; Holography; Laser Accessories And Optics

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Journal of Advanced Medical Research

Journal of Advanced Medical Research (JAMR) is an open access journal, provides rapid publication of various articles in the fields of Medical, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Comparative Veterinary and Medical sciences, and related disciplines. JAMR seeks to publish experimental and theoretical research results of outstanding significance in the form of original articles, reviews, case reports, short reports, or letters to the editor.

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Journal of Purity, Utility Reaction and Environment

JMMR aims at rapid publication of concise research papers of a broad interest in marketing fields. JMMR welcomes papers and articles in marketing fields, including but not limited to the following: Consumer behavior; CRM; Customer Knowledge Management; Advertising economies; Consumer modeling; Marketing research; Interactive marke

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Journal of Purity, Utility Reaction and Environment

The Journal of Purity, Utility Reaction & ENVIRONMENT focuses upon six aspects of chemical engineering: chemical reaction engineering, environment chemical engineering, and materials synthesis and processing, catalyst surface reaction, optimization and control.

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Reader Comments

Forex Training Course Lesson: A Forex Trading Strategy That Works~That Actually Works

by Leila Chauvel (2020-10-31)

When you look around~shop around~research~go searching~check around~search for a forex trading strategy that works~that actually works, it can be difficult~challenging~tough~complicated~tricky~problematic to know what~determine what~figure out what is the best~is a viable approach to take~strategy to use~best option. So many~Numerous~Countless~A great number of~Lots of~Many~A multitude of~A great many strategies~methods~techniques~tactics~approaches are based on~provide~depend on~use very short term~short-run goals~objectives~targets~ambitions~desired goals~aims~goals and objectives that may~that could~which could lead to~cause~bring about~produce~trigger~be a catalyst for~generate~give you~produce big~significant profits~earnings~income~revenue~gains for a short time and then~followed by a crash~crash and burn. Unscrupulous~Dishonest traders~dealers~merchants develop~produce these~these types of systems to sell~market~promote~offer~advertise to others~newbie traders~novice traders~beginners because they~simply because they can focus on~direct attention to a good~a high performance month which~which usually shows~exhibits~displays~demonstrates~indicates amazing~incredible~awesome~remarkable~wonderful~astounding results~outcomes~benefits~gains~returns. They do not~They just do not~They never~They don't really~They will not tell you about~inform you of~reveal the downside~the negative effects~the actual down-side.

Because of this~For this reason~As a result~That is why the whole~the entire forex~foreign exchange~currency trading~foreign currency market is getting~obtaining a bad~negative~undesirable~terrible~awful~damaging~unfavorable reputation. But~However not every forex trading strategy is bad~poor~undesirable~terrible and learning to trade currencies~learning to trade forex does not have~doesn't have~doesn't need~does not need to be very~that difficult~hard~challenging~tough~complicated~tricky. It all~Everything depends on~depends upon~is dependent upon the type~kind~sort~style of person~trader that you are~that you will be and whether you are prepared~ready~geared up~equipped~willing to change your~reprogram your~alter your habits~routines~behavior~practices~behaviors~behavior patterns in order to become~in order to be successful~profitable~prosperous~effective. A quality online forex trading course will help you achieve this. Especially one that offers live training by other successful professional forex traders.

A forex trading strategy is a way~method~approach~means~technique~process~course of action~procedure to~in order to~for you to~to help~so that you can analyze~evaluate~examine~assess~investigate~research~look at the market~currency pairs that will allow~that will permit~that will enable you to identify~recognize~detect~locate~pin point emerging trends as fast~as quickly~as rapidly and as accurately~effectively as possible~as you possibly can~as is possible, so that you can~to enable you to~so you can act on them in the early~during the early stages~phases to have the best~greatest chance~possibility~probability~likelihood of making a~creating a~setting up a~generating a successful~profitable~good trade.

A good~decent~high-quality~good quality~quality training course~program might have you begin~start~start off by~simply by drawing support and resistance lines on the~a candlestick chart~graph or chart, looking for~searching for~trying to find~in search of converging lines that can be~which can be~that could be~which might be an indication~a sign~a signal of an upcoming~forthcoming~approaching~impending breakout~big move. You might then check~look at volume of trading and an~as well as an oscillating indicator to confirm~to substantiate your analysis~evaluation. This could be~This might be~This can be the basis~the cornerstone of a whole~complete~total system~trading system~trading strategy, but the~however the analysis~evaluation itself is just~simply~merely one~a single forex~forex trading~currency trading strategy~technique~method~tactic~approach~methodology~process that could~that may~which could~that might become~turn out to be~grow to be~turn into~come to be~develop into a part~component~element~aspect of several different~several unique systems~methods~techniques~programs.

Another strategy that should not be overlooked is setting~using~utilizing a stop~stop losses~mandatory stop losses. This~This technique limits~restricts~controls~controls your losses~deficits~losing trades~damages in case~in the event the market~a trade goes against~in opposition to you. It acts as a~behaves as a safeguard~shield~defense~insurance policy so that you are never~will never be caught~trapped~ensnared~stuck in a trade that could~which could~that might~that will wipe out~eliminate~obliterate~erase~destroy~remove days or~or even~or perhaps~or maybe weeks~several weeks of profits~earnings~income~revenue~gains~proceeds~profit gains at~with one~a single swoop. Sure, sometimes~occasionally~at times~from time to time the market turns around and starts going~heading your way again, but even if~regardless of whether it does that half of the time, it is not worth holding open a losing trade~position. Those that do not turn around will bite you harder.It only takes one bad trade to wipe out~eliminate~obliterate~erase~destroy your trading account!

A losing trade can actually~can in fact~can certainly~may actually~might actually be a~be considered a~manifest as a~be considered~deemed a~regarded as a benefit if you are~should you be~for anyone who is~for anybody who is willing to~prepared to learn from it. This means not spending all of your time kicking yourself. Let go of~Forget about~Release~Rid yourself of~Ignore the emotions~emotional baggage and look calmly~comfortably at what~just what~what exactly went wrong. Analyze~Evaluate~Examine~Assess~Review the signals~indicators~signs~alerts~information~data~indications that you acted on and identify~determine~recognize~discover~distinguish whether you made~you've made a mistake~error~oversight~miscalculation or whether the signals~indicators~alerts~data were right~correct~suitable but the strategy in this case~situation~circumstance~scenario~instance was wrong~incorrect~inappropriate.

Of course, one losing trade does not mean that your system~method~technique~strategy was wrong~incorrect. The market is not so predictable that we can expect any automated forex trading strategy system~method to be right one~correct one hundred percent of the time. This is impossible~not possible~unattainable~unachievable~improbable. This is where keeping~maintaining~always keeping good records is so~is very~is extremely important~essential~crucial~critical~significant~vital~necessary~fundamental~valuable~beneficial~imperative. Noting~Jotting~Writing down the trade that failed today may give you~could give you~may offer you the~specific~valuable information that you can use~which you can use~that can be used to improve~to boost~to further improve~to elevate your forex trading strategy a month or even six months from now.

All this being said, without a proper forex trading training course, it will be very difficult to succeed. For more information, click the link below..