Financial Information Systems: Business Intelligence Perspectives (Iranian Companies listed on Stock Exchange Case Study)

Saeed Rouhani, Mohammad Mahmodian


After the implementation of Financial Information Systems (FIS) in organizations, still financial managers feel a lack of Intelligence in their management duties and processes. Criteria and methods to evaluate and assess the Intelligence Perspectives and decision support capabilities of Financial Information Systems are useful in deploying suitable business intelligence (BI) in organizations. This research discusses about decision support and Intelligence perspectives factors used in the Iranian Companies listed on stock exchange. Proposed Intelligence perspectives factors can assess the intelligence of Financial Information Systems to achieve enhanced decision support in organizations. The research combines a complete review of the recent literature about intelligence of FIS, survey methodology and statistical methods such as factor analysis. The statistical analysis identified four Business Intelligence Perspectives: “Systematic Decision-support”, “Providing Environmental Information”, “Optimization and Recommended options”, and finally “Rationality”. This Business Intelligence Perspectives helps Iranian Companies listed on stock exchange to design and implement Financial Information Systems for better decision support.

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